Cocogeek 100% Pure Coconut Water
Cocogeek offers all natural, contains no preservatives, no sweeteners, and natural isotonic. When it comes to natural rehydration, Cocogeek offers more Potassium than whole Bananas. Cocogeek stood out as the premium quality, consistent and tastiest coconut water around.

Within one year after establishment, Cocogeek has secured a place in the healthy beverage market across Malaysia, even to Germany, Bremen. We have gained trust from Yoga studios, Factory Canteen, Food stall Chain, convenience stores, groceries and retail market across Malaysia and Germany. We stay persist on our mission is to conveniently provide the most pure form coconut water to athletes, nutrition conscious individuals and as well as a healthy alternative sport drink to the masses. Our honesty and sincerity in producing great product has allowed us to achieve tremendous sales and then recently helped us to enter market of different countries.

Our slogan, Awaken Happiness,
demonstrates the key strategy that derives our business nature. Through Cocogeek, we ensure each consumer could conveniently access to our product, achieve healthier lifestyles and ensure that they have paid for product which is price-to-value. Indeed, the product has been proven that would slim up body after workout and rehydrates with coconut water. And now we are ready to provide the same great product to the people of around the world!!
Here at Cocogeek Coconut Water is Malaysia owned , made using 100% fresh Thai coconut with exactly Pure Natural Coconut water and as a result we promise to deliver coconut water straight from the coconut to you, no preservatives, no colouring, no additives, no tricks, absolutely the best tastes of coconut water in the world from thailand.

We deliver on this promise through the use of our packaging. Coconut water is hyper sensitive to light, packing our coconut water in a Tin Can is the best way to pack coconut water, as the coconut water still thinks it's in a coconut! Flash pasteurization and sterilizing maintains the taste profile better than any other type of packaging for coconut water. Cocogeek Coconut Water with it's certified USFDA, GMP, ISO 9002 , Halal and etc in production facility, gives us the most nutritious best tasting coconut water on the market.

We truly understand the nutritional benefits of Coconut Water. We know this is a delicious, refreshing drink, just as Mother Nature intended. We want to share the goodness and deliver a product straight from the coconut to the masses spread out healthy conscious awareness.
August 01, 2014
Czech republic
Cocogeek All Natural Coconut water now available on
Czech republic.
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Drinking Cocogeek Pure Coconut water benefits you by naturally rehydrating and restoring well-being. It's a natural, fat-free, low-calorie health drink, packed with life-giving nutrients.